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NEWS January 1, 2021


Happy New Years!! This is Ervin Williams owner of Dynamo Amplification and formerly known as the Guitarist and Founding member of Versital. Its been 20 years since the days of playing with Versital and our last Album  A New Millennium. I regret the conditions and sequence of events that led to the break up of Versital especially as we were just beginning our way with attention of Major Label interest.  I feel that had I continued on with a 3rd Versital Album to follow up An New Millennium, we would have been a major force to recon with over the last 20 years. But as you know Life happens, people move, get jobs, get married, we get old, and priorities and goals change.  Over the years there has been talks of reuniting Versital and finishing the 3rd album and at some point even assembled a super group from YouTube artist but unsuccessful to get the ball rolling. 

in 2009 I decided to take all my talents and business skills that would have been applied to another VERSITAL  project and applied it to start Dynamo Amplification with only me to be accountable for its success and I vowed to one day use Dynamo to sponsor the return of Versital. 2020 was the worse year in the music industry  with the pandemic shutting down live music and concerts and for the first time touring musicians are at home finding other things to do until the return of live music.  People are hungry for new music and live performance and the playing field has never been so even and I feel its  excellent opportunity to Join the rebuild of the industry once this pandemic ends.  Its 2021 and I'm starting it off the year with the launch of and I'm working to find more content to add. Soon I will start working with some other members of Versital to start recording production of new material to be release later this year.  - Ervin Williams @ Dynamoamps


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